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TMNT Fan Art and Ken Mitchroney

This week’s comic is taking a bit longer than normal due to some work commitments I’m up against, so here’s a little TMNT fan art to tide you over.

turtlesBack in the early nineties, one of my favorite comics was Archie’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures, which took it’s cues (loosely) from the animation continuity. Not only was the writing a lot of fun, Ken Mitchroney‘s art was loose, sketchy and very expressive. I waited impatiently every month for the current issue to appear in my mailbox!

I still have the entire run, including the specials and a couple of spin-off series. I’d never be able to sell them, however, because those key issues are so well-loved they barely maintain the binding. Not that it matters… I could never part with them.

Ken Mitchroney, I would learn later in life, was a storyboard artist for such amazing classics as Tiny Toon Adventures and Toy Story 2. Since I now count myself in the ranks of the storyboarder’s club, I find it no coincidence his comic book work was such an influence on my developing storytelling interests. And, it’s worth noting, Ken is an incredibly gracious man who took the time to respond to my fan-boy message a few years ago.

Here’s a bit of original TMNT art I’ll be selling at September’s Salt Lake Comic Con, featuring my favorite incarnation of the Heroes in a Half Shell. Enjoy! And thanks, Ken for all the years of inspiration!


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  1. He has a been a big inspiration for me too and I love the work of you both, very cool there’s a connection there!

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