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Me Am Bizarro!

Superman2_PreviewAny Superman fan will tell you the Bizarro adventures are a lot of fun. The idea of an “opposite” Superman is so whimsical and terrifying at the same time. I decide to draw a mini-print of Supes saving Lois from the akward and backward intentions of Bizarro.

To prove I’m a little Bizarro myself, I’m offering an Early Bird deal on the first day of Salt Lake Comic Con. I’ll be offering the complete set of 10 DC Mini-Prints for a one-day-only price both at my booth and through my etsy shop. Me am hope you like this idea!

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Number One Super Guy

It’s a tragedy that Hong Kong Phooey only lasted one season. Here’s my tribute/redesign. Come check it out at the Salt Lake City Comic Con, September 4-6. I’ll be in Artist’s Alley at booth Black 16.


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Masters of Rock-Paper-Scissors

In a stunning development, the fate of Eternia shall be decided by the oldest contest of champions known to mankind. Check out this beauty in person at my Salt Lake Comic Con booth, September 4-6.


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SLC Comic Con Exclusive Print

This print available exclusively at the 2014 Salt Lake City Comic Con, September 4-6.

Here’s the 11 x 17 Limited Edition Buffy the Vampire Slayer/My Little Pony fan poster I’ll be premiering at the Salt Lake City Comic Con this September. It’ll be a signed and numbered edition of 100. If you’re interested, you can pick one up at my booth or, if you can’t attend, follow the link to my etsy shop once it goes live September 4th on I’ll post more details here as the con draws nearer.

MLP and Buffy are two of my favorite obsessions, so I thought it only right to combine them into a super-obsession. I had a lot of fun choosing the characters and their “cutie-marks”. You’ll have to tell me if I chose well. Can you tell who each of these characters are?


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SLC Comic Con Poison Ivy Print

Poison Ivy Print for 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con

Here’s a preview of the first of the prints I’ll be selling at the Salt Lake Comic Con this September. What do you think? Would you like to see more Gotham Girls as prints? Any other fan art ideas you’d love to buy at a convention?

I’ll be previewing all the prints I’ll be selling here, including a special edition print that will ONLY be available at the convention. (The rest will be appearing in my storefront as they come available.)