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Fan Art: Pete’s Dragon

elliot_socialI really should have titled this “Fan Art: Elliot”, but somehow this seemed like an easier way to communicate the idea. It’s a Brazzle Dazzle Day!

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Fan Sketch: Bumblelion

bumblelion_socialHere’s a sketch of my favorite Wuzzle, Bumblelion. I just so happen to also be friends with the man who provided his voice, Brian Cummings. They got originality!

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Fan Sketch: Kit Cloudkicker

kitcloudkickersocialI’ve been taking some time lately to sketch some of my favorite Disney characters that I don’t typically get to draw at work. Here’s Kit Cloudkicker from TaleSpin. His airfoil is arguably the coolest thing about the show.

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Romantic Hiccup – Comic Con Starts Tomorrow!

Here’s the last art I’ll be posting before Salt Lake Comic Con begins tomorrow. If you want to buy a print or mini-print of any of my artwork, an original, a signed copy of the Chim Chum book or a commissioned sketch, I’ll be in Artist’s Alley at booth Black 16. From my understanding, this is fairly close to the entrance and toward the east wall of the convention floor.

Even if you don’t intend to buy anything, stop and say hello if you’re a fan. I really enjoy meeting people who follow my work. I owe my career to you, so you have every right to come bug me for a few minutes.

I’d also like to remind you that a portion of my sales will aid Best Friends Animal Society of Utah and anyone who makes a purchase at my booth will receive a coupon code for a discount at my online art store as well.

Have a great weekend, and thank you for your support!



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Wuv. Twue Wuv.

Since Cary Elwes has decided to appear at Salt Lake Comic Con this year, I decided to make a Princess Bride fan art print. Sorry, I was only able to fit eleven characters in the drawing. Can you name them all?