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Fan Art: Pete’s Dragon

elliot_socialI really should have titled this “Fan Art: Elliot”, but somehow this seemed like an easier way to communicate the idea. It’s a Brazzle Dazzle Day!

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Fan Sketch: Bumblelion

bumblelion_socialHere’s a sketch of my favorite Wuzzle, Bumblelion. I just so happen to also be friends with the man who provided his voice, Brian Cummings. They got originality!

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Fan Sketch: Kit Cloudkicker

kitcloudkickersocialI’ve been taking some time lately to sketch some of my favorite Disney characters that I don’t typically get to draw at work. Here’s Kit Cloudkicker from TaleSpin. His airfoil is arguably the coolest thing about the show.

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Disney Infinity: The Squibble Ball

Copyright Disney/Pixar

While making Disney Infinity: Monsters University Play Set, we realized there was a need for some non-violent, playful ways to interact with the students on campus. I came up with a little side story in which Scott Squibbles (Squishy) had a biology class from which he rescued some lab animals. These lab animals were little octopus-like round creatures that loved to be thrown through the air and bounce off things.

Tossing these “Squibble Balls” at the students would have resulted in chuckles and silliness, something we really wanted to fit into the M.U. Play Set. I drew this concept sheet to not only explain the idea, but also to give an idea of the flavor of humor that should have accompanied the concept. Sometimes it’s more important to inspire a theme in a piece of concept of art than it is to nail down the actual visual.

Sadly, the Squibble Ball didn’t make the cut due to production deadlines, but I thought I’d share it with you here to enjoy. 

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Disney Infinity 1.0: Pirates Attack Storyboards

I’m going back in the archives and finding some of my older work to post. In this short storyboard from the Pirates Play Set for Disney Infinity, you can see how a few extra pose frames can really help indicate performance for the animators.

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