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There’s No Need to Fear, Underdog is Here!


underdog01_websitepreviewI’m excited to report that I’ve been very busy lately. I just finished up some really fun pages for Pink Panther featuring some of his very under-utilized supporting cast. Now I’m off and running on new stuff for the Free Comic Book Day issue of Underdog, coming this May. Here’s a little preview of some of the art I’ve finished so far.

Twenty plus years into my career, I still get starry-eyed when I get to write and draw new stories for characters I grew up with. There’s more in the pipeline, too… But I can’t announce them just yet.

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Me Am Bizarro!

Superman2_PreviewAny Superman fan will tell you the Bizarro adventures are a lot of fun. The idea of an “opposite” Superman is so whimsical and terrifying at the same time. I decide to draw a mini-print of Supes saving Lois from the akward and backward intentions of Bizarro.

To prove I’m a little Bizarro myself, I’m offering an Early Bird deal on the first day of Salt Lake Comic Con. I’ll be offering the complete set of 10 DC Mini-Prints for a one-day-only price both at my booth and through my etsy shop. Me am hope you like this idea!

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Supergirl vs. Parademon

Available as a mini-print and original art at my Salt Lake Comic Con Booth, September 4-6.


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Disney Infinity Update and Wonder Woman Fan Art

WonderWoman_previewWork continues to be a bit hectic since we announced our next project, DisneyInfinity 2: Marvel Super Heroes. I am the writer and story lead on the Avengers Play Set for said project, and I think you gamers out there are really going to enjoy what we’ve got planned for you.

Since I’m still behind with posting new pages, and to segue smoothly from talk of super hero games, here’s another piece I’ll be selling prints of at the Salt Lake Comic Con in September. Enjoy!