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  1. That’s a nice looking baboon. And by nice looking, I mean REALLY nice looking. And by REALLY nice looking, I mean is that baboon married?

  2. This is aimed at me, isn’t it? I’d tell you where to go, but Milt already has. The industry could certainly use some abrasive animator bashing. I’d like to do my part.

  3. This is good stuff. Instead of a “hog,” I would call it a “wild bore.” It’s spelled that way on purpose, because he looks like he’s watching the shows you suggested. I’d totally watch Suckvivor, though. “We’re goin’ gamblin’!”

  4. What?? You mention the polar bear, but not their place in popular culture!?!? What would “LOST” be without the mighty polar bear? Well, I guess it would still be a creepy island, peppered with flashbacks.

  5. Hey – that’s not Pongo! I just got a Pongo in the mail yesterday. Now he’s on my shelf. I like that movie. Go, Bill Peet!

  6. Did Disney Animation break up with you? It’s nice to see that you’re getting back together. I like the picture of Mike. Did you draw that too?

  7. This is shaped like a lion? My only real problem with this is that you just drew it, so I know you’re not just clearing out the vault like you had claimed. I, like you cat, have quirks 2, 5, 9, 4, and 10.

  8. I am glad to see these two work out their problems. Now let’s get them both to work. I’m excited to see what Lassiter’s got planned, especially on the Imagineering side of things. Someone once told me that Disney should not make a cartoon for a couple of years, just take the time off to craft a really good one. That used to be the standard, and it has been for Pixar. Good animation deserves a good story, and if anyone can reincorporate that ideal into the Disney culture, it’ll be the guys from Pixar.

  9. I’d like to see this chicken after someone grabs it by the head and swings it around until its body pops off and runs around. It’s a long walk home after that, I hear.

  10. I am so in love with the idea of Pixar’s finest in the big boy chairs at Disney, but realistically .. how long til we see something tangible come out of this? I figure a couple years at least.

  11. I should do this, but I think I’m just going to print yours and call it good. No wait – call it GREAT!

  12. Thank you, kind sir. That was all very nice stuff to say. I didn’t know I was going to be the topic of today’s blog… or why this particular entry’s title makes me crave various items covered in melted chocolate or cheese. You aren’t rid of me yet… it will take death to do that. You’re a good man, Charlie Brown. You will hear from me often.

  13. That’s really nice to say about Shane. He needs stuff like this to counter the fact that I’m always calling him a big idiot.

  14. So what you’re really trying to say is that you’re jealous? It’s okay Adrian.. you still have me and Veronique!


    draw me, draw me.

  15. You’ve got to do something about that uni brow!
    It only shows up on the cartoon version of you..

  16. Sorry to hear about your understaffing issues. Oh, yes – and also, sorry to have caused them. You were directing both of those projects before… the difference now is that you’re the director, producer, writer, lyricist, and you alone make up the visual development and storyboarding teams. What more do they need? Sounds like they have a full staff to me.

  17. I think you’re onto something there. It’s a great premise for a comic strip, and a great first entry.

  18. I like the alternate caption we came up with… it makes less sense, but I think that’s what I like most about it:

    “No chew, you! Chim Chum Choo!”

  19. Seth- Thanks! I wish I had put more thought into the creation of Chim-Chum. But years from now, I will say I did.

  20. Ooh…wow advertising really works doesn’t it?

    Came across ur blog through afro_man…

    well, I looked through your images…and *gasp* I am SO jealous…dammit, I have a looong way to go…

    I love this one especially and not just because it was the first image i saw…(ok, maybe that has something to do with it…)

    well, hope to see much more ^^

  21. Yo, dig that fox brutha. You’re form SL? Where are you an animation director? I spent about 4 years there doing the school thang. In Vegas now, from S.F. originally.

  22. My company remains a mystery to be answered at a future date, but I am indeed in Salt Lake. Thanks for checking out the blog.

  23. Adrian,

    You might not remember me. I used to work for Melanie Baker back when you were working for Mark Swan. I worked extensively with John and Nina on the Princess and the Pea activity book, and the Turn & Learn. It’s great to see your work. Shane and I shared a good laugh about your Samuri. Though your “Puff” was brilliant too.

    I’ll be tuning in to see what you come up with next. Laughing is good.

  24. Ken, glad you’ve discovered my blog. Sure I remember you… but vaguely… Those were dark times.

    Get crackin’ on your blog so I can enjoy some of your work, too!

  25. It’s all Shanes fault. He told me about his blog which led me to Toon Club, and the rest is history.

    Dark times, indeed. I was running a bit under the radar since Mark wasn’t happy with me. It’s complicated. But I wish I’d spent more time getting to know you all better. That much talent in one place, it’s a bit intimidating.

    I’ve got an image on my Blog, a project from a class I took recently. I’ll post more as soon as I’m able. Look me up at

  26. If I had a mustache I bet it would get perfectly straight when I get mad too. Like even facial hair can get tense too. I Dig it!

  27. Great piece! And great stuff here on your site! I’ll be back to often to see your new posts. Thanks so much for linking me!

  28. That’s a handsome piece Adrian. I especially like the Lion and Toto. They’re my fav’s. Dorothy’s a cutie too! I just want to dunk her in my Hot Chocolate!

  29. Another great one Adrian! I love the graphic feel of this one. His expression is priceless. Another winner, thanks Adrian.

  30. This was a cool thing to put on here. I like seeing your development sketches and stuff. This is like having the “Art Of” book for your Toon Club sketch. If I had a different method, I’d share it. Maybe someday I’ll post a similar thing on my site… and will just mock this post. But if I do that, it doesn’t mean I didn’t think this was cool. Because I love it!

  31. First off, you’re welcome. Secondly, yes the tooth was a great idea (again, you’re welcome), and third, is there any work you do without my help anymore?

  32. Adrian, This is priceless! I laughed out loud. And thanks for showing us your process, you’ve got skills.

  33. I love this, Adrian. Even the background is awesome. He looks a little giddy for something that trees crocodile hunters. Man, you’re good.

  34. I saw that episode. I thought the ‘crocodile hunters’ career was over. That Komodo had a hungry look in his eye, the kind I get when there’s a medium-well steak within a Kilometer of me. Thanks for the reminder, and for the sketch. It’s beautiful!

  35. Thanks for the comments, fellas! I had a lot of fun designing this fella, though I doubt his anatomy would hold up to scrutiny.

    Shane – He’s not giddy, he’s drunk on power.

    Ken – The best part of that episode was when Steve Irwin cut his leg and realized the dragon was smelling the blood. Genius!

  36. fun expression on his face!!!…
    ohh and who doesn’t want a comodo dragon!! hahaha

  37. I saw that episode, dude! Every time the dragon would go for Irwin, I’d instinctivly cover my family jewels. If I had money, I’d build a mansion with a “Komodo Dragon” style moat to keep out the undesirables. Nicely done, he’s got great personality. Keep it up.

  38. I like this drawing. It shows that in society today, even a bully can wear pink. I had a feel that the cat from “Alice” was a jerk.

    Jeff Young-Sterling

  39. I checked here before I checked Toon Club, so if I leave my comment here, I’ll have nothing to say there. While I’m here, though – I have to say… I LOVE the Scolder! All of them are cool, but he’s a classic character. Good stuff, Adrian. You’re a talented fella’.

  40. This is great stuff. -Probably my favorite post of yours. What’s funniest is imagining each of these heroes in their various situations where they would call on their powers. Driftwood just tips over and does nothing. I love it!

  41. haha…i like the dead expression on the cod

    also, that polar bear/global warming pic below is great as well!

  42. u GOOD!!!

    i have to agree with the rest of the toon club, the cod and driftwood are my fav!! but ya i could totalyt see the scold man on a show, bulley awesome!!! blaaaahh

  43. Now do you make old peanuts, or is the factory where you make them “old?”

    This is a great rabbit… I can’t believe you’re proposing working on something with a rabbit in it. You’re out of your mind, and I love it!

  44. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. This was one of the most enjoyable Toon Club weeks ever.

  45. Sadly, I never got to watch that cartoon…but great pic (nice pose lol)! I really like your coloring style. very inspirational.

  46. Hey, it’s been a fun week in Toon Club! I hope the topic wasn’t too immature. πŸ™‚ Maybe next week we can get back to a more manly theme, but in the meantime I’ve enjoyed seeing what people come up with. Red heads are an appearant favorite among us Toonsters. There were at least two red heads on my list before I went with the blonde. Good times had by all.

  47. I’ve posted already at Toon Club but I can’t resist. This is my personal favorite of everything you’ve done Adrian. Love this post! Lame heroes are the best!

  48. OMG! Was there a board game of this called Fantasy Forest? With an archer named Hank or something and a wizard dude in green? Cuz I totally recognize her from that, and truth be told I always used the baby unicorn figurine to stab her because her figurine looked so dorky. This is awesome though! πŸ™‚

  49. Yes, I’m sure it’s the same characters. Hank was the archer, Presto was the magician. I think Diana, Bobby, and Eric rounded out the cast. The more I talk about this, the more I want to watch the cartoon!

  50. I really enjoyed watching that cartoon as a teen. Thanks for the reminder.

  51. I saw the end of this cartoon last week on Boomerang or something. I didn’t know what it was, but then I saw this girl and recognized her. So nice work on the likeness. From what I saw, the unicorn seemed pretty lame.

  52. This would be a rad sticker…except stickers with that amount of colour cost a fortune!
    But its wicked anyway!

  53. Hasn’t anyone told Baloo to chew with his mouth closed? You’d think he were raised in the Jungle.
    Nice one Adrian!

  54. Content? What’s with the official wording? I feel like I should fill out a form now that I’ve seen your drawing. So formal. Bring on the new content!

  55. “Half killer whale, half dragon?” I’d say he’s about 10% “dragon,” 10% “whale,” and 80% “killer.” What a horrible nightmare you’ve created. Good work.

  56. Animators mostly. Or so I’ve heard.
    Love that painted Whagon! Love that pun.
    Beautiful work as usual Adrian.

  57. I can see it now. “Free Whagon!” Rated PG-13. He’s got a lovable fire-breathing thing going. He’ll be fun to cuddle with by the campfire, after he’s lit it!

    Hey did you check back on my Bellagio. Wanted to know what you thought about the finished pro-duct. Thanks ace, and keep up the stellar stuff!

  58. El Kabong… ah yes! That’s the way I want to fight crime… or finish my concert.

    This is cool, Adrian. You’ve mastered the Hanna-Barberra style (i.e. you rip stuff off good). You’re a talented fellow.

  59. Good job. I mean actually listening to your dad. I wish we could still get this on the tube. Maybe a full length feature film, huh?

  60. Lovely, Adrian. I mean… lovely Adrian. This drawing is as beautiful as you. I love what you came up with for Toon Club this week. Now please draw mine. This is great… nice stuff.

  61. I love the singsong quality of your voice Shane. Everything you say comes out like music.

    Adrian, this toon reminds me of the Bugs Bunny cartoon where Bugs and Daffy are going on vacation and end up face to face with the Yeti. I can see Space Kong saying “I will hug him and kiss him and call him…” SPLAT! Seeing another Bannana. “I will hug him…” SPLAT!

  62. I have to agree Adrian. Of all the super heroes in comicdom (is that a word?) my two favorites have always been Spider-Man and Superman (in that order). There are thousands of heroes to choose from, and these two are incredible on so many levels. I mean what’s not to love about a guy who can pick up an Aircraft Carrier? He embodies coolness!

    And thanks for the update on Super Tuesday! I had no idea. Is that like a national holiday?

  63. I saw the new Superman movie today… liked it a lot. I still can’t figure out how people are so important that they can’t take a couple hours off from incoming phone calls for a movie… whatever. I love it when they study their glowing phone for four or five minutes. Apparently some people get text messages in complex code form. Morons.

    Althought I liked the new Superman film, I really missed those three villains in leather. Remember that guy with the beard who totally blew? Which Superman movie was that? Classic!

    My favorite superhero… Batman. Superman’s cool too.

  64. Shane- I think there’s also an unwritten rule that you have to sit in the middle of the front row so that everyone will get the glare. Maybe they’re all doctors and they’re on call…

    The movie with the three bad guys in leather is Superman II. KNEEL… BEFORE ZOD!

    Did you notice how Luthor’s still obsessed with land in the new film? Quite hilarious, if you ask me.

    Thanks for giving Supes a chance, pal. He appreciates it, and so do I.

    Ken – Spidey and Supes are my top two, too. Check out those Superman and Justice League DVD’s. They’re the bomb.

  65. Hi Adrian, thanks for the comment on my blog. Great stuff on here! The mighty Whagon is one of my favs, he actually looks really cute and cuddly, but deadly at the same time…I still wounldnt go anywhere near it πŸ™‚

  66. Adrian,

    thanks for the post on my blog, I’d be honored to join your toon club. how do I do that?

  67. Great design! Its weird but i find that most, maybe all of the characters i come up with are usually born from a doodle. I usually just sit down and draw lines, then all of a sudden i get this really cool pose, and from it i develop a character. When i actually sit down and tell myself im gonna come up with a awesome character, it never seems to work…funny isnt it?

  68. Ya, stuff you don’t care about always turns out best. I guess there’s no ‘performance anxiety’ involved- it’s always a killer. Love your stuff- super solid!

  69. i[‘m really diggin this guy. Awesome stuff altogether. thanks for the kind comment!

  70. So what you’re saying is that this design works? Just kidding – very nice, Adrian.

    But you need to pay attention in meetings… especially long ones where they tell you all the ways you’re messing up.

    Actually, if they’d let you work through the countless meetings they throw at you, you’d have personally animated at least two extra films for them by now.

  71. When I saw this as a doodle (yes, I have exclusive access to the Adrian) in all honesty I thought it was good, but didn’t really “wow” me.

    This cleaned up version though, did exactly that.

    Seriously, wow.

  72. That Joe, he’s a good one. Nice drawing. And I always thought they lived in mountainous areas, and used the frill as a parachute for when they fall down cliffs. Oh well, I guess hot feet is cool too.

    Just to let you know, Adrian, you’re the kick-buttest mentor I could ever ask for. Thanks for being so chill, and also for having such an expert eye.


  73. New stuff on the Adrian blog again? Already?! This is really nice. I like all the variation in straights and curves and the shapes and everything about it… and the background. Thumbs up!

    And I agree – Joe’s a good man.

  74. He is… er, I am.

    It is always a pleasure to cheer you up, Adrian, especially because I’m the reason for the “slowing down” of the work, and… I’m an idiot.

    Hey Shane, since you were being sarcastic about the “background”, does that mean you hate the rest? PS- did you get enough fries? You can’t hit a guy with glasses!

  75. Hey Adrian! Thanks for commenting on my blog. I really love your art. Very awesome designs. The league of useless superheros made me laugh πŸ™‚

  76. Jed – It’s my pleasure. You’re talent continues to astound me.

    Shane – Yes. Straights and curves. That’s how I roll. Thanks.

    Joe – I’d thank you but it would seem redundant.

    Sarah – Thanks for checking out the ol’ blog. Your stuff is great, too!

  77. Thanks everyone! It’s great to get such encouraging feedback. Stay tuned for more!

  78. ive been gone this last week so i was suprised to see all the new stuff you have posted!!

    …c’mon now, i bet that you had more people stop by the toon club when they heard about jeds work of art!!

  79. Hey, thanks everyone. I love Superman, and I’m glad y’all enjoyed my drawing.

  80. Nice one A. ropp. Your design reminds me of the lizard from rescuers down under… frank I believe. I also love the personality you’ve captured.

  81. The illo is funny by itself, but the commentary below it just makes it all that much funnier. I like this one a lot!

  82. That whole movie still gets too me… Great… Now, I have to go put it on…

    Thanks ((really)),


  83. Nice cloud design, Adrian. These are nice things you’ve said. I agree that he did a lot to the relationship between people and animals. It’s really too bad that he’s gone, but at least it wasn’t a car accident or something. He died doing what he loved to do. This is a nice tribute.

  84. Very thoughtful tribute Adrian. We’ll all miss Steve and admired him greatly. Thank God for sharing him with us as long as we had him. Love the artwork man. Beautiful stuff!

  85. The day the Crocodile Hunter died was a sad day indeed. I know how much you loved watching him and the endless hours of entertainment he gave to both of us! It is truly sad that he is gone. Also, I love your Crocodile cloud.

  86. A truly great Tribute to his memory Adrian. Nicely done! A great illustration too, I’m sorry that he didn’t get a chance to see it in life, I’m sure he would have been touched.

    As with the passing of any good man or woman I always think of those they’ve left behind. His poor wife and two boys. If we miss him, how much more they must feel his loss. He will certainly be missed. I’m glad we can have his exploits on DVD to watch again and again. Nice work Adrian!

  87. I think with the “Amazing Race” idea, everyone who participates needs to dress up in a Goofy or Dopey costume. Cause they’re probably goofy or dopey without the costumes, so why not have them dress the part?

    Good luck with those royalties. And if the Amazing Race idea works out, I get a percentage. Right.

  88. Thinking back I can remember an old episode of Jonny Quest that featured Komodo Dragons as watch dogs. I luved that show ! Heavy dark lines and inky shadows. The Venture Brothers evokes a similiar atmosphere when they satarize that oldie but goodie.

    Kewl Komodo BTW !


  89. Very good character style! Lots of personality. Don’t bother about the anatomical scrutiny, it’s a cartoon for goodness sake! πŸ˜‰

  90. I love this roadrunner! How does it not have any comments yet? Sorry it took me about 11 months to comment on it, but just so you know, this is one of my favorite designs you’ve ever done… and I have lots of favorites.

    Very nice roadrunner, Adrian. A classic! I love it.

  91. I love these characters. Great lineup! Its nice to see these guys finally get some recognition. Shampoo girl has saved me many times from the dangers of archvillan Greasy Headed Ness and she still doesn’t get an action figure? Whats up with that?

  92. You did do a lot of thought on the names, it is clever, although i do like “The Conditioner” it is kind of funny too.
    I think I like the Cod the most.

  93. Oh man, these are great! Caped Cod?! Love him. I’d be Driftwood Boy myself.

    The Scolder is cool. I like “Judge Mental” as a name too, but he’d need judge’s robes maybe.

    Anyway, cool stuffs, and thanks for sharing.

  94. Wonderful characters. I especially like the Caped Cod. Always love a bad pun πŸ˜‰ Thoroughly enjoyed the Toon Club blog.

  95. I like your boards. It’s obvious after just a quick glance what’s going on in the story. A lobster turns on a radio and dances a little until a fish shows up and kindly asks him to turn it down. Then with a smile on his face, the lobster gives the fish directions to hell. The fish reacts to the slew of profanity… the end. Very nice.

  96. Cute drawing, man. Merry Christmas to you too. And also, I think your spell check added an extra letter and made it say “beasties.” I think you know which letter I mean. Your blog’s a jolly place… thanks for having it.

  97. AWww…you are too sweet ardian!!! Happy HOlidays to you too! You are a great inspiration to me and always happy to see your work! take care!

  98. MERRY CHRISTMAS ADRIAN! Great to hear that youre directing a feature film, i wish you all the best of luck on your journey through it. And i cant wait to see what you have planned for your blog! Anyways, happy holidays and take care! πŸ˜€

  99. Kittens are always up to no good and the puppies always get the blame! Smart kitties! Very nice!

  100. lol….So true! nice love it, your other stuff is great too! Never been to Toon Town, there is aladda sweet stuff there! Thanks!

  101. When this topic came up I immediately thought of you and ‘the scolder’ so I was looking forward to seeing some more. Excellent stuff

  102. Funny character! I’ll have to show this to my husband. He sometimes calls me “Scoldy-locks” πŸ˜›

  103. Ah, it’s good to see the Scolder in action. I’ve still never seen your model sheet for him. I know there’s one of those too… because you told me. This is great, Adrian… except that he’s taking the side of the cat. Stay out of the circle of life, Scolder!

  104. Oh gosh… its the SCOLDER !!!! I have had so many meetings with him that I shuddered when I saw your illustration. I am trying to steer clear of him this week, and it looks like he is already busy so I am in the clear….for now.

  105. What? No one’s going to comment on this thing. I already told you cuteness of this little thing overwhelmed me to the point of sickness over at Toon Club. I love it, though… being sick from cuteness, that is. Well, I love the duck too… as a friend.

  106. I like how you linked to your previous post in case I didn’t want to waste my life scrolling down to it. That Chim Chum’s a jerk! It’s good to see these two making a new appearance on your blog. Welcome back, to them!

  107. You’ve missed your calling Adrian. You could have been the next Hank Ketchum (Dennis the Menace), but nooo you had to go into animation. Ah well. Chim Chum makes the occassional appearance, and that’s good enough for me. Funny joke, great characters, nothing but net!

  108. Booooo!
    Adrian I’m not happy with the new look. Chim-Chum deserves to have just the dots for eyes instead of actual pupils, and the portly samurai….looks like a certain monkey brother I’ve seen before. Hmmmm.

  109. i agree with ken, it’s a great strip. i haven’t been here in awhile and it looks as if you’ve been busy. i really like the leopard seals. great designs there.


  110. Your new IF link is still wrong… Your work is great, let’s get people to it!

  111. I LOVE pseudo-witty! This is more than that, though… this is excellent. Good to see something new from you. Keep it coming, man!

  112. Hello Adrian!! What an excellent blog you have!! Loved your illustrations. I’ll put a link on my blog. All the best!!

  113. I love this one… I can’t decide if I like this one or the I.T. one better, but they’re both my favorites so far in the world of Chim Chum. Excellent work, man.

  114. YAY for Disney!!!!! I am SO EXCITED for you honey! You have worked hard to get to this point in your life and you deserve it!

    P.S. Yes I did change my user name to paperflower! πŸ™‚

    I love you!!!

  115. I bet your parents and all other family members are as proud as they can be for your accomplishments. We all know it has been your dream since you were a small child. I believe in Jiminy Cricket.

  116. Disney really couldn’t have made a better choice in a story artist. Congrats! I’m excited to think what you might have to offer over at the mouse house!

  117. LUCKY! – It’s good thing my dream was to work for a company that makes low budget family films that never get released, or I would be wasting my life…. ah crap, now I’m gonna try to stop crying so I can get some sleep.

  118. I can’t wait to hear Nina’s album, boyee.

    We’ll miss you, please try to make your way back to 1984 and say hi sometime.

  119. I never worked in this office, but I recognize most of those people. Did I get a cake when I left? I can’t remember, but I’m going to assume I did.

  120. Hooray for you and your new job on Monday! Speaking of you… and of your new job on Monday… it’s Monday now, so where are you? People are already stealing your stuff.

  121. I’m sure when I leave all I get is escorted by men with guns…

    ’cause that’ll be what it comes to.

  122. Jack Runny is the coolerst. Yeah, that’s right… coolerst. It’s not a real word, but neither were most of the words in your introduction email. That was a good laugh that day. I love it!

  123. Congrats Bro, you have definately been an inspiration to me and my kids. Following what your heart desires, and making dreams come true. Thanks for the awesome influences.

  124. My family loves Jack Benny! These clips are pretty goofy. Have you ever heard of the TV series “Remember Wenn”? It was made a few years back and was a sort of sitcom about a radio show in the 40s. The wordplay was brilliant, and so were the characters. It reminds me a little bit of Jack Benny. If you get a chance you oughtta check it out.

  125. How do they keep from laughing their heads off while filming the show? I can’t keep a straight face watching them. Hilarious!

    And for what it’s worth, I’ve contributed to Toon Club– what a great topic!

  126. Hi Adrian-head! I just wanted to say congratulations! Sorry it’s a little late, but I don’t think that I ever got the chance to congratulate you on the new job! Love you! Jan

  127. Hi!
    Your drawings are amaizing!!! I have a few questions:

    1. how do you do smooth lines of the characters with photoshop’s paths ? or with tablet?
    if use tablet in wich program ?

    2. Do you have a tutorial of the entire process ?


  128. Appreciate your thoughts. I saw "The Princess and the Frog" last weekend too; loved it (agree wholeheartedly: Ray steals the show)!
    BTW, I think I know what Disney TV Christmas special you're talking about: "A Disney Christmas Gift" (it's on YouTube– now THAT's a blast from the past).

  129. I loved the little omages, if i even spelled that correctly, they had someone dressed like the little mermaid, simba, and a llama and Louie used the foliage on a branch as hair in the swamp, to make a scary face, and thats from The Sword in the Stone, when Mim was singing in her cottage to young Arthur , which happens to be my favorite Disney movie of all time , and it doesnt get any credit ever.

  130. Wow Adrian,

    Where did you learn to write like that!!!! I whole heartedly agree. This movie is EVERYTHING Disney used to be!!! It was great to see a main character with a mother and a father!

  131. I am enchanted by your words, and now that I have seen the movie I too was moved to laughter and tears all rolled into one. I appreciated so much your animator insights, for I was more fully aware of things that I wouldn't have been as I watched it. And now I look for Evangeline and Ray every night!

  132. Adrian, games like this make everyone happy. Looking forward to playing the final product!

  133. Adrian,

    Really great work! Love it! Finally, a Red Panda character!!

    Hope this series works out well for you.

    How did you manage an archive on Blogger? I wanted to use this for my comic,..but was told that Blogger cannot handle archives…

  134. Ha! Awkward. Great use of blacks and white space by the way. Your artwork has a great clarity to it. πŸ™‚

  135. I just stumbled on this blog, the comic is fun love the characters and designs i just posted a link on my blog hope it helps, I shall also spread the word

  136. Alright Adrian, I posted a shout out for the Chim Chum and now my peeps are gonna find a place that'll give em a good laugh! Your welcome:>)

  137. I posted a comment on my blog about Chim Chum. To be fair, it may be one of the least-read blogs on the internet. But I love reading the comic, something I look forward to reading every day. Keep up the good work!

  138. Woohoo! Thanks so much, I can't wait to see it.

    And I'm really enjoying the comic, it's one of the first pages I visit every morning. Keep them coming!

  139. I'd like to see more of your comic, but there are no arrow keys. How do I go to the next comic in line?

  140. For now, you can click on the "Newer Posts" or "Older Posts" links below each comic. Rest assured, an easier browsing method is in the works!

  141. it's almost the end of the month and the problem is still not fixed, it's sad πŸ™ but i'm adding your blog to my favorites to check it out from time to time :] it looks really funny πŸ™‚

  142. Just give me the specs you need the guest art and and I'll send you one right away! (Will you have a limit on the number of comics we can each send in?)

    Chim chum is SO cute today. I love the comic.

  143. We've loved reading the first 100 (more than once!). Whatever format the book takes, I'm looking forward to ordering it.

  144. So does the Portly Samurai need glasses… Does Chim Chum need a sleeping pill to come him down from to much sugar cereal… Does the Universe need a stabilizer… and do the readers need a wonderful comic from a great artist.

    Great comic as always.

    When you have it figured out, please post more about that contest you mentioned.

  145. HAR HAR HAR! Look at them run! I wonder what they were doing up at my house. Hmmm they left some things when I chased them out. Hmmmm… There's a book a knife and… OHHHH the rude fox left his X-BOX!

    Sincerly, Sam Squatch.

  146. If you don't get out of the pan Chim Chum, you won't be able to get any lasagna.

    Great job on the art. Whenever I'm cartooning I am very tentative about the black and white shapes in the background. I'm never certain if should do a detailed background or divide it in half with black and white and if it's the latter, what kind of shape is good?

  147. Just read through the archives. This comic is so awesome I have to wonder how I've gone this long without finding it. Definitely doesn't get the attention it deserves!

  148. I would have though that Chim Chum would have thought about it. I thought of an alternate caption that would still work with the drawing.

    "What do you mean you want the top bunk now?"

    P.S. it looks like your coming up on 150 strips. Good Job!

  149. Oh, goodness. This is what happens when I fit the comic in between overtime hours at work! Fixing it now, though I think the mistake might be funnier.

  150. Hmmm, massive powerful jaws for crushing bones, sharp teeth for rending flesh and sinew, claws to catch and hold on to prey . . .

    Yeah, definitely NOT a herbivore.

  151. I love these sharks! They look awesome! They make me remember the old Hanna-Barbera character Jabberjaw for whatever reason. WTG!

  152. I guess you'll want to get a twitter icon to your website. Just bookmarked the blog, but I must make it by hand. Just my $.02 πŸ™‚

  153. Oh Chim Chum you are walking a dangerous line my friend lol especially since samurai can flatten you with a simple sitting motion lol

    i love this comic keep it up

  154. LOL!!!!!!!! way to take a stand Chim Chum

    -sings- i did it all for the cookies ya the cookies so stick it in your mouth stick in your mouth =P

  155. HA! I love Chim Chum's bucket…and the fact that he's nakey all the time anyway…very funny strip (pun intended)!

  156. Lots of extremely good reading here, thank you! I had been searching on yahoo when I found your publish, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to additional from you.

  157. I am new to your work but love it!Your style reminds me of some classic British comic books. Awesome!

  158. You lied to me! I thought I was going to finally learn the Samurai's name, but that plan was foiled by poor staging. I like your comic. You and that other guy make me want to have a comic of my own. I wish I wasn't so lazy. Also, I want a sketch. You know where to find me.

  159. Today's the sixth. Wasn't the extension until the seventh?

    I was going to submit mine after my big test tomorrow

  160. Ah, sweet memorys from when I use to borrow books from the libray. You can still see the scars. I tried digital but they sent me a viruse.

    I sent in my submmison a few days ago. Can't wait to see who wins. ;D


    Thank you for holding this contest. I really enjoy it when web cartoonists host competitions like this!

    Congrats to all the other winners.


    Are the contest entries going to be posted anywhere? 'Cause I kind'a want to see what Ben sent

  163. The fan art entries are located under the "Fan Art" tab and I'm working on a "Reviews" tab today. Hope that answers your question.

  164. If you think thats bad, they charge be an arm and a leg if I'm late. I guess It would be very unwise to do that a second time. πŸ™‚

  165. Maybe Samurai (Sam?) would understand more if Chim Chum had a lightning scar and some lil' round John Lennon specs?

    Then again…maybe not…

  166. Took me a little to get the joke that time. But I'm still happy that you haven't proved me wrong!

  167. Just beware of the dinner tables turning guys.
    The samurai is going too get even more portly it seems::

  168. This is just visually funny, classic cartooning here…great visual! I'm digging this "story" format. Fun!

  169. How exsactly are they able to carry the samuri? Dosen't he weigh about 1000 pounds. Really strong, freaky, fish aliens there.

  170. I really liked the "Timely Tale" storyline even if it was only 25 comics long. Maybe you should try shorter (maybe weekly) story arcs if you are feeling stifled by a longer ones. In any case, I'm really enjoying the comic!

  171. This is one of the strips that's a good example of what I call the "Chim Chum Paradox". We know from the Samurai's comment that Chim Chum has some way of communicating with him, but since this always occurs off-panel we don't know what it is. Can the Samurai talk to animals? Do the two share a telepathic link? Can Chim Chum actually talk? Is Chim Chum a master at miming? Frankly, we don't know, and it would ruin the comic for us to find out. At the same time, it often becomes necessary for a punchline for the Samurai to comment on something that Chim-Chum just said. It is this paradox that I feel makes this comic a true classic alongside Calvin & Hobbes and Peanuts.

  172. High praise, indeed, sirbacon. (When were you knighted?) I'm certainly inspired by Calvin & Hobbes and Peanuts, as well as Laurel & Hardy, Jack Benny, and a few others that I'll probably mention at another time.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the strip and thanks so much for your comment!

  173. I’ve never quite figured out how to whistle… but for some reason, everyone thinks that after I tell them that the appropriate response is to whistle themselves and tell me how easy it is. If someone in a wheelchair told you they couldn’t walk, would you tell them how easy it was and start strutting around?

  174. Haha! That reminds me of when I tell people I draw cartoons for a living. The most common response is “Isn’t that all done on computers now?”

  175. That’s not a message for a pigeon to carry, that’s an whole encyclopedia!

    And I’d have expected Chim-chum to have a mouthful of feathers, rather than having released the bird . . .

  176. You know, I saw this at first and thought “looks like a hair stylist got a hold of Chim Chum’s tail”
    ..which is another way to say, “Sara’s cute when she’s angry”

  177. Pingback: Comics Coast To Coast » Blog Archive » Episode 128 – The Adrian Ropp Interview

  178. Pingback: Comics Coast To Coast » Blog Archive » Episode 128 – The Adrian Ropp Interview

    • Oh, yes. The Neverending Story was Wolfgang Peterson’s first international success. It’s a cult favorite in the United States. (Especially for those of us that grew up in the 1980’s.)

  179. Falcor looks a tad demented in your comic. I’m a little worried where he’s taking them and what he’ll do to them when they get there πŸ™‚

    • I draw them with a pencil and FaberCastell Pitt Brush Pens, then scan to Photoshop, adjust the levels, and publish through WordPress w/Comic Press. Hope that answers your question!

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  181. heh heh heh … I just hear the song in my head … la la la la la la la la la la EAL;KDFJALSDKJFAWEOINFONASODKGFNSFLKGN!!! ah the horror!!! arrrrrrgh!!!


  182. I love it when the frame breaks, maybe next time, Chim Chum will be floating off the top of the page with some balloons? πŸ™‚

  183. Furrow his brow a little more and it’ll look like Chim-Chum doesn’t want to let go of his Kraken

  184. You got me! For the last 348 entries, I’ve been building to the big reveal that Chim Chum is a petrologist.

  185. Well, we’ve gone from the daily update to no updates for a month. Did I miss an update indicating medical issues?

  186. DCS – I’ve been wondering the same thing. I hated the idea of wanting more – if something is going on with the artist’s life, I don’t want to hound him – but if not, a word of explanation would be nice. I like this comic – it gives me a good feeling whenever I read it!

    • Yes, I’m okay. I’ve just had a lot going on and a bit of an artistic “blah” the last month. Sorry to worry everyone! (And, it’s always nice to know the comic is missed!)

  187. You made my day. Remembering my first vacation after I first started work after college. Went to a dude ranch. I think my horse had the same look on its face.

  188. My sister made up a song and dance to whenever she won Clue. We don’t play Clue with her anymore. Poor Bella and Portly Samurai…but lovely coloring!

  189. Reminds me of one the more infamous moves in Chess — the Dodd Gambit.

    When you’re getting your butt whupped, you flip the chessboard into the air, knocking all the pieces askew, and shout, “DODD GAMBIT!!” Then you turn and walk away, stewing over your loss.

  190. Longer story arcs are cool with me. I think the boys deserve that, and am looking forward to seeing how they develop!

    • You know, I haven’t scheduled any con appearances. Frankly, I have a hard time believing anyone would be interested in meeting a bald fat guy. I would like to meet some fans, though, so it may be in the near future! Thanks for the feedback.

  191. tomorrow! tomorrow! it’ only.. oops, copyright infringement. i’ve enjoyed the past, and am looking on to the future!