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2018 – The Year of the Fox

It’s shaping up to be an exciting year for Chim Chum and the Portly Samurai! Beginning in January, they’re going to have their own comic book series from American Mythology. It would mean the world to me if you would pre-order from your local comic shop or, if that isn’t an option, buy a comic here.  (You’ll need to order before November 18th to insure you get the great pre-order discount.) I’ll also be happy to ship you a signed copy of Chim Chum #1 if you’d like to order directly from me. If you’re interested, contact me using the form on this site and I’ll send you the info.

In addition, I’m rebooting the comic strip with updated art formatted for newspapers – which is relevant because it WILL be appearing in papers starting November 1st. It’s a start for what I hope will be a continuing trend.

Thank you so much for your continued support and viewership. We find ourselves in stressful and difficult times, and I hope my work brings you a bit of lightness and joy.

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Welcome New Followers!

wonderwomanchibi2-PREVIEWI just returned from the Denver Comic Con, and I have to say… it was a blast! I got to meet so many new people and reconnect with others I’ve meet at previous Colorado events. If you are one of the great people who stopped to say hi, feel free to sign up for my newsletter in the sidebar of this site to stay updated with news and promotions.

On that note, I’m currently trying something new with my online shop. Check back next week and I should have all of my new products, including this adorable Wonder Woman print, available for purchase. Thanks again for all your support!

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Halloweenies – 2014 Edition

Here’s this year’s entries into my Halloweenies printable figure series, as well as the other 20 previous characters! Sign up for my newsletter to get the latest news on Chim Chum, my art, upcoming appearances and special sale codes. Happy Halloween!

GaryGoyle Rocky BLZebub CatnipConjurer frankenstein standee Gourdan H3_DanBones H3_IvanTMummy H3_KimReaper H3_MrsNStein Halloweenies2012_EyeGor Halloweenies2012_ValCarrie HeckHound heddy Laguna Black Paul Tergeist Ross Feratu webster WhoDunnit witch standee wolman standee zombie standee

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Check out my Thursday Comic Con Special!


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Chim Chum Sketches

A little of my recent sketch exploration of a certain red fox. It’s amazing what you can do with a bean bag, a circle and two dots. chimchumsketches