There’s No Need to Fear, Underdog is Here!


underdog01_websitepreviewI’m excited to report that I’ve been very busy lately. I just finished up some really fun pages for Pink Panther featuring some of his very under-utilized supporting cast. Now I’m off and running on new stuff for the Free Comic Book Day issue of Underdog, coming this May. Here’s a little preview of some of the art I’ve finished so far.

Twenty plus years into my career, I still get starry-eyed when I get to write and draw new stories for characters I grew up with. There’s more in the pipeline, too… But I can’t announce them just yet.

Fan Art: Pete’s Dragon

elliot_socialI really should have titled this “Fan Art: Elliot”, but somehow this seemed like an easier way to communicate the idea. It’s a Brazzle Dazzle Day!

Fan Sketch: Bumblelion

bumblelion_socialHere’s a sketch of my favorite Wuzzle, Bumblelion. I just so happen to also be friends with the man who provided his voice, Brian Cummings. They got originality!

Fan Sketch: Kit Cloudkicker

kitcloudkickersocialI’ve been taking some time lately to sketch some of my favorite Disney characters that I don’t typically get to draw at work. Here’s Kit Cloudkicker from TaleSpin. His airfoil is arguably the coolest thing about the show.

Gotham City Sirens Fan Art

gothamgirlsposter_previewThe second half of the year is full of great comic conventions, beginning with the famous San Diego Comic Con. There’s also a Sandy Eggo Comic Con, but it is much more poorly attended and there’s syrup everywhere.

While I’m not going to SDCC this year, I will be appearing at Fandemonium in Boise and Salt Lake Comic Con in August and September, respectively. I’ve been creating a lot of these “chibi” style character redesigns for conventions, and they’ve been fairly well received. It always makes me smile when a female fan, especially the younger tots, make a b-line for my booth and drool over these cuties. It makes it all worth it!

In other exciting news, Disney Infinity 3.0 finally has a release date! It’s hitting the U.S. shelves on August 30th, along with a plethora of great characters and play sets. I worked mainly on the Star Wars content, and specifically on the “Force Awakens” Play Set. I think you’re really going to enjoy what the team has done this time. It’s truly a labor of love.

Those of you who are looking to buy art or commission me to draw something, please use the contact form on the website to submit your questions. I’m trying to revamp my storefront a bit, and I’m moving a lot of my work to to offer even more products. If there’s something you would like to see, or if you have a request or question, please feel free to hit me up and I’ll see what I can do!


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Have a fantastic summer and stay hydrated!